Training – Okuden Tachi Waza

Last week, some members of Seishin Budo Dojo conducted a private training session at Scrivens Hanshi’s residence. During the session, the part of the Muso Shinden Ryu curriculum known as Okuden Tachi Waza was covered. These are a series of advanced standing techniques designed to test to physical, mental and technical capability of the Iaidoka, irrespective of their experience or grade.

As per government social distancing guidelines, the training was carried out in the back garden, meaning only one Iaidoka could perform the technique at a time. This provided a rare and valuable opportunity to put everyone under the proverbial microscope and analyse every part of every technique, and fine tune anything that required it. The biggest challenge came when performing Waza on slightly uneven ground which meant the student had to exercise extra prudence in their Iaido. Although challenging in mind spirit and sword, the group were spurred on by the amazing weather and the opportunity to train together after several months dispersed.