Sato is the second technique of Shoden. It is used against an opponent that is seated in seiza to the left.


The technique starts with the Iaidoka turning to the right and moving into seiza (kneeling).

The Iaidoka notices a movement from their left as the opponent starts to move, the Iaidoka makes a slight movement to look at the opponent and then rises and pivots on the right knee and kneels with the right foot forward, as they turn to face the opponent, they draw the sword in a nukitsuke cut across the eyes, neck or chest finishing with the sword tip in the opponents face to prevent any further movement forward.

The Iaidoka then makes a slight push forward to put the opponent off balance, raises the sword to above the head and makes a kirioroshi cut from the head to the waist of the opponent.

There is a fraction pause before making O-chiburi, rising as the sword comes over the head and is cleansed, the Iaidoka then steps in with the left foot to level the feet and then takes a long step back with the right foot.

The Iaidoka then performs Noto by drawing the sword across the mouth of the Saya (scabbard) which is protected by the hand and placing the sword into the Saya, kneeling slowly at the same time as the sword slides into the Saya.

The Iaidoka then stands and takes 3 small steps back to finish the technique.